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Warnings...that you NEED to know!

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1. Not all hearing aids are created equal! 

As we stated before, many hearing related products offered online are not even actual hearing aids; most are either Personal Sound Amplifiers (PSA's) or Over-The-Counter Aids (OTC's). PSA's and OTC's can be purchased online without you sending the supplier a hearing test. That is not only not recommended, it usually ends up being a waste of time and money. A TRUE hearing aid is a PRESCRIPTION device that is programmed for your exact loss. PSA's and OTC's are just generic amplifiers that just make things louder, but are not intended to correct your specific hearing loss. 

2. Who are you ordering your hearing aids from? 

Many companies that offer hearing aids online are operating out of India, Russia or China!  Everything takes forever and they rarely respond quickly to any questions you may have.

Do they show their address on their web site? If not, we recommend that you stay away.

They are either foreign or possibly worse: blackmarket. Some have great looking websites but inferior products and customer service. It is recommended that you only order from companies that show their address and are accredited members of the BBB.